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209s Break between the Storms

Article posted: Jun 18, 2012 by Sqn Ldr Wilson

After a week of the strongest winds for years it was good to wake up on a Sunday that we were due to go flying to total calm and clearing skys. Even the coach driver being given the wrong address for our Sqn and a Cadet from another Sqn turning up ten minutes late couldn’t dampen our spirits.

We arrived at 7 AEF to the agreeable hubbub of air and ground crew getting ready to fly. The briefing process started straight away with kitting out half the Cadets in flying suits and taking them through the parachute drill on the ‘chair-o-plane.’ Then it was the safety video and then get the Cadets strapped into one of the six Grob Tutor aircraft that where flying today.

Cadet Lauren Robinson (13) was the only 209 Cadet to be flying for the first time. After being escorted to the aircraft and strapped in the pilot briefed Lauren on the flight and then took off. It was then hands on control as the pilot took Lauren through the controls and instruments of the aircraft. After the 25 minute flight Lauren said “it was fun learning how to fly the plane.”

Anyone over the age of 13 interested in joining 209 Sqn can telephone us on our Parade Nights of Monday and Thursday between 7pm and 9pm on 0115 9696434 or can visit us at 209 Squadron HQ, 110 Wilford Lane. Our website is and our Facebook is 209 West Bridgford Sqn.