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209s Walesby Weekend

Article posted: Aug 07, 2012 by Sqn Ldr Wilson

Fifteen Air Cadets from 209 (West Bridgford) Sqn have spent the weekend at the Walesby International Camp Site near Newark for an adventure training camp.

They arrived at 9am Saturday morning and after setting up camp got into their first activity of applying camouflage cream. Although some of the Cadets looked like Shrek at the end of the exercise, overall it was deemed a success. After camouflaging themselves the Cadets were then shown how to make a bivouac and then how to use the bivouac to set up a camouflaged observation point.

The first afternoon was spent learning new first aid skills and then how to move tactically in a group across ground.

The evening was spent applying the skills they had learnt during the day on an exercise that used their movement and camouflage skills to locate and observe an opposing teams HQ.

The first day finished with the Cadets used a Labyrinth System. It was a caving simulator mounted on the back of a trailer. It had two levels with the Cadets entering the lower level and squeezing their way round the twists and turns up to the top level and then out down a slide.

Corporal Dom Kay (16) said of the weekend, “This was my first camp as an NCO which I found quite challenging, however I fortified myself with Mars Bar tortillas for lunch. My favourite activity was the fieldcraft exercise on the Sunday where I led my team to capture the opposing team’s water carrier.”