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2195 cadets complete the 20 miler!

Article posted: Feb 16, 2016 by Sqn Ldr Wilson

PUSH 20 “We are machines… PUSH HARDER!”

The 75th anniversary of the Air Training Corps was kicked off on the 7th February in London and across the country. Behind all the ATC Sunday events parading. Cadets across South and East midlands Wing were walking their 2nd practice for Nijmegen training: doing 20 miles.

This practice was 5 miles more than their last practice pushing their stamina and endurance to new levels; only around the corner the next Nijmegen training session, of 25 miles, is coming.

Cadet Sergeant James Bland, Nicole Walker, Craig Harrison, Cadet Corporal Catherine McHale and Cadet Bradley Scriven, were representing Long Eaton Air Cadets.

Written by Cadet Sergeant J Bland
2195 Media Team