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2195 Climb High

Article posted: Aug 13, 2015 by Flt Lt Rayson-Flynn

On Tuesday 11th August 2015 cadets from 2195 (Long Eaton) Squadron Air Training Corps went to Alter Rock Climbing Centre. Upon arrival of all cadets they had a choice to: Climb, abseil, caving, high ropes and bouldering. Only three of those activities were able to be done properly, altogether we managed to narrow it down to abseiling climbing back up the wall, caving and high ropes.

The cadets were then split into two groups each group starting on a different activity. One of the groups started off caving the caving consisted in two laps one which you had a head light on and guided yourself where you needed to go, the second was done with no light whatsoever and trusting your team leader to guide you through the whole route, led by Cadet Corporal Catherine McHale they managed to exit successfully.

Following caving the group then had the chance to do the high ropes like the caving they had a chance to do it twice one with sight which proved challenging in itself, however, the second lap was done blindfolded. For the second lap Corporal McHale was blindfolded and had to put trust in Cadet Sergeant Jonny Clulow to guide her through the high ropes course, both of them stumbled a few times Sergeant Clulow more than Corporal McHale who was blindfolded eventually they managed to complete the course.

Lastly they got to abseil down the abseiling wall all had the chance to go down and up if they wanted to climb back up it was great fun they abseiled backwards when the last person which happened to be Corporal McHale who went down backwards climbed up the instructor then gave her the opportunity to go down facing forwards to which she happily agreed to, she got strapped up and stood at the edge… then went forward, to which the instructor was surprised as in his words “people normally take five or more minutes to decide to go over the edge, she is the quickest I have seen it be done.” She then proceeded to the descent which was not very easy when she got down the instructor was surprised how well she had done.

They then said goodbye and thank you to everyone at the centre and went on their way back home. Cadet Jack Upton said “The cave is definitely not for tall people however, it was a fun evening yet challenging” Corporal McHale said “I enjoyed it all very much earned lots of bruises but that doesn’t matter I had a good time and being the only person to be given the option to abseil facing forwards was absolutely amazing I hope to do that again.”

Written by Cadet Corporal C McHale
2195 Media team