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2195 Fearon in the Wing Hockey team

Article posted: Mar 02, 2015 by Sqn Ldr Wilson

Once again hockey was the name of the event on a Sunday morning for one Cadet. Cadet Mackenzie Fearon travelled to RAF Cranwell to take part in the inter-wing competition. Cadet Fearon played a total of five matches in the position of central defence. The South and East Midlands Wing team had a total of one win and two draws at nil all. They arrived to play the first match at 10:30 with a 1-0 win. Each game consisted of twelve minutes of constant play.

Unfortunately the wind made it difficult to shoot with power but the team still did very well to score. By the end of the day the team came 5th, so not the greatest result but they were all very close games and everyone played well and enjoyed themselves. A total of eight girls from the wing were selected to go through to regional trials and yes Cadet Mackenzie Fearon was one of them. After playing in the team Cadet Fearon was advised to look at joining a local team.

The regional trials will be on the 22nd march at RAF Cranwell.