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2195 JL phase 2.3

Article posted: Mar 08, 2015 by Sqn Ldr Wilson

This weekend Cadet Flight Sergeant Damien Simpson attend MOD Swynnerton Training Camp for Phase 2.3 of the Junior Leaders course. The weekend consisted of spending the weekend out in the field and doing the last of the training before next weekend’s pre deployment.

On the Friday evening, once the Junior Leaders were ready to move into the field after being supplied with the appropriate amount of rations and their riffles they patrolled to the harbour area with section four leading the way and making sure it was safe for the other sections to make their way into the area and safely inhabited the harbour area. This is where they were based for the rest of the weekend. Once at the harbour area section four sent to people from the section to go and check it was safe before the rest of the sections moved in to set up their bashers and started to do their night admin before going to sleep and doing a sentry duty.
In the morning the Junior Leaders were up before first light, at 0630 hours, and packed away by 0645. It was then on to Morning Admin such as eating breakfast, cleaning boots, cleaning riffles whilst still having one person on the sentry.

Once all the admin was competed they moved onto lessons, on how to operate in built up areas (OBUA), so the Junior Leaders knew how to storm a building in the correct manner and how each of them would move around the buildings, consolidation of what they had just learnt and what they had learnt from the previous weekend and then moving on revising the weapon drills they had been taught many weekends ago.

The weekend then moved on to how to do flight battle drills, how to operate as a flight instead of just a single section. After this each section partook in doing flight battle drills again to make sure that they knew what they but this time they would have an actual enemy to locate and take out, the Junior Leaders moved to one of the bunkers where the section commander would have their orders group and then give their own orders to their sections. Once the orders were out of the way each section carried out a reconnaissance patrol on a certain location in the training area, the would help for the next morning’s task to eliminate any militia in the area. After the patrol they moved back to the harbour are to do night admin and get some sleep still having two people on sentry duty.

Sunday morning the Junior Leaders moved out into the field and carried out their task to eliminate enemy militia in the area after having their new orders, this was where they put what they had learnt from the previous day into action. After this exercise the Junior Leaders then moved back to the one of the bunkers in the Swynnerton training area to get ready to be debriefed and then to travel home.