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2195 Sergeant Moffatt prepares for Graduation Week

Article posted: Mar 13, 2015 by Sqn Ldr Wilson

Last weekend Cadet Sergeant Nathan Moffatt attended his sixth weekend of the Qualified Aerospace Instructors Course, the penultimate weekend before course completion.

This weekend’s purpose was solely for preparing for the ever looming graduation week, where all the course students will be assessed throughout their stay at RAF Linton-On-Ouse, and to go on to be awarded with their certificate of achievement and blue lanyard.

Activities this weekend included practicing and fine tuning their forty minute presentations, which will be presented to an audience of one hundred or so – including distinguished members of the Royal Air Force including an Air Vice-Marshal. They also took part in theoretical practice within aerodynamics and basic flight training, as well as attending a lesson on the final stages of the radio syllabus.

Sergeant Moffatt said: “It’s really exciting to know that in a few weeks I will hopefully be a Qualified Aerospace Instructor, to gain this achievement will definitely allow me to stand out from the crowd and allow me to encourage other members of the Air Cadets to have an interest in aviation.”

Graduation week will take place from Friday 27th March through to 2nd April, and upon completion successful students will become Qualified Aerospace Instructors.