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2195 take part in the 75th anniversary torch relay!

Article posted: Aug 10, 2016 by Sqn Ldr Wilson

On Monday, 8 cadets attended the 75th anniversary torch relay in Jubilee Square, Leicester. The day consisted of 7.5 hours of both continuity drill and climbing to represent the 75th year of the ATC.

Cadets arrived early to set up and have a few practice runs of the drill routine before the crowds gathered. In the meantime, the torch continued on its journey to us from Central and East Region.

The day was very warm so the continuity drill turned into “lolly drill” as the cadets were privileged with an ice lolly courtesy of the staff. Thank you staff! Even the public were inspired to get involved so some of the cadets taught them basic drill.

When the torch arrived, it was taken up to the top of the climbing wall and even partook in drill routines as cadets took turns holding the torch and having pictures taken with it.

The day ended with the torch being passed around the coincidental number of 75 cadets and members of staff to commemorate the visitation of the torch to South and East Midlands wing.

Written by Cadet O Olsson
2195 (Long Eaton) Squadron