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2195 Take to the Sky

Article posted: Jan 20, 2016 by Sqn Ldr Wilson

On Saturday 12th January, cadets from Long Eaton Air Cadets went to RAF Cranwell for a session of flying.
It was an early start for the cadets, who arrived at the squadron at 6:40am.

They were transported to the air field via coach and upon arrival, they watched a video informing them how to parachute in the unlikely event that they would have to bail out of the aircraft. Fortunately, the aircraft that the Air Training Corps uses, the Grob Tutor, has a very good safety record.

After that, in groups of 3 and 6, the cadets geared up and began the flying session. All cadets fly with experienced pilots who demonstrate how to control and manoeuvre the plane before allowing the cadets to take control themselves. Less experienced cadets may practise handling and pitching of the aircraft, whilst more experienced cadets get the opportunity to carry out aerobatics, such as barrel rolls, loop-the-loops and stall turns.

Cadet Corporal Catherine McHale said “This was my second time flying and it was even better than the first. Being allowed to control the plain is an awe-inspiring experience.”
Written by Cadet K Beadle