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2195 too high for RAF High-Wycombe!

Article posted: Apr 22, 2016 by Sqn Ldr Wilson

Last Saturday cadets from all over the Wing attended a week-long camp at RAF High Wycombe. Cadet Corporal Catherine McHale, Cadets Will Moss and Olivia Olsson from 2195 (Long Eaton) Squadron ATC where amongst the 22 cadets to attend.
Upon arrival, the cadets were allocated flights with Cadet Corporal McHale being IC B flight, and unpack as well as a quick brief on the week. The flight IC’s then got a ride round the station being shown where everything was, it was then time for food the cadets marched very neatly to the Junior Ranks Mess (JRM). They then had time to socialise shower or whatever they wanted to before lights out as they had to get rest for the busy day ahead.

Day 1
Fire station: It’s 6:30 am and the cadets are up sorting their rooms and getting ready for breakfast. Breakfast had the cadets went back to their accommodation and had their first room inspection of the week, they then got driven to the Fire station and partook in an actual training exercise that the Firemen had to complete as well as having the honours to ride around in the fire truck. Back into the Mini bus and off back to camp where they had some food and then had the chance to go bowling! Once they got back to base it was a quick sort uniform and off to bed.

Day 2
Tours: Up again at 6:30 slip into uniform and off for breakfast at the JRM again, the cadets then had a station brief and camp photo. The cadets also visited the Officers Mess and had a tour, this helped many cadets decide that they want a career as an officer and saw how fine they dine. They were meant to have a drill practice before the transit to RAF Hendon “on the wide open road” however, the tour overran so they had to jump straight onto the mini bus and eat on the way there. Upon arriving at RAF Hendon they had a walk around and brought a few items such as pins and keyrings. The transit back to RAF High Wycombe took place in the “M40 Traffic Jam”, they got back and just before they had dinner there was a field promotion Corporal McHale was promoted to Sergeant McHale which she was very happy about they had dinner and completed a drill practice to prepare them for the Drill competition on the Friday morning. This was followed by uniform preparation and off to bed they went again all very tired as it was a busy day.

Day 3
Sports and Flying: This time the cadets got a half an hour lie in, phew! They had breakfast and B Flight did uniform preparation as A flight went flying. They then had a nutrition talk in the Gym – did you know that you are meant to drink 5 litres of water a day? After the nutrition talk the cadets did in the Bleep test and one minute Push up test, quickly going back to the accommodation they then had to quickly change into Workings. Once changed they went on “another motorway” to RAF Benson to go flying which the cadets had a great time at then going back to High Wycombe, a quick drill practice before dinner and then self-defence and off to bed after relaxing for a bit.

Day 4
More visits: Up again at 6:30 sadly no other lie ins breakfast was eaten and they made their way down to RAF Halton, what a scary drill square they had there! B Flight visited Halton House and the Trenchard Museum. This was a very educational visit for many as they had the chance to learn from the tours many different things such as in one room the ceiling was made of gold! Lunch time and then off to the High ropes course, which for those afraid of heights challenged them to trust their team mates, everyone conquered their fear and got to the top of a pole and stood on a small platform with 2 other people. Once both flights got back they had time for a quick drill practice and dinner another quick uniform preparation and off to bed for another busy day ahead.

Day 5
Regiment time: 6:30 the cadets are seriously tired of seeing this time in the morning well it’s breakfast in an hour time to eat. Time for visiting the RAF Regiment the cadets spent the day with the RAF Regiment they partook in team building exercises followed by lunch and for some and a water fight oops. They then went back to the RAF Regiment and had a lesson on how to use cam cream then they had the chance to use two different stretchers, which B Flight had to carry Sergeant McHale in. Just before dinner they had to go and wash the cam cream off they had dinner and then they went to drill practice after that uniform preparation and off to bed.

Day 6
Drill competition time: 6:30 again; Breakfast and a quick run around to get uniform and rooms sorted busy bees the cadets were this morning. It’s time for drill competition in front of the children at the local school playground and wow! What an atmosphere! The children where copying the cadets and marching around with them. B Flight where the winners, which Sergeant McHale was extremely that her flight did so, very well, lunch time! And off to the Battle of Britain Bunker at RAF Uxbridge, what a beautiful sight, the cadets got a tour around the bunker and they learned the history behind it and then obviously brought goodies from the gift shop. They got back and dinner was had at the JRM for the last time, the flight IC’s and their 2 IC’s prepared paper plate awards for their flights which were then presented, even the cadets from B Flight awarded the Sergeant McHale and the 2 IC a paper plate award which are now held close to them both and very treasured.

It’s time for dominoes! Once that was demolished and more paper plate awards and other type of awards were given. Among them to be awarded Sergeant McHale was awarded Ma’am little lifeguard award, which was awarded to those who helped out at the swimming cheering, people on and so on, she was also awarded the Best SNCO on the camp and alongside that a silver Lancaster key ring, my oh my, it was beautiful. Cadet Olsson was awarded the Bugs Bunny Hop-Along paper plate award as she managed to injure her knee on the Thursday. The overall winners were… B Flight! A big well done from Sergeant McHale.

Day 7
Good bye camp: The cadets where up at varying times to finish off their packing and cleaning their room. They had breakfast and said a fond farewell to the staff members who organised the marvellous week. They then had a final room inspection and cleaned the common room jumped on the coach and made their way home, many of the cadets did not want to go home as it was a really good camp. Cadet Olsson said: “That was the best camp I have ever been on so far in my cadet career, it taught me what life could be like in the RAF. I had a truly wonderful time and have made many more friends on this camp.”

Written by Cadet Corporal C McHale
2195 Media Team