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2195’s Silver Duke of Edinburgh Expedition

Article posted: May 13, 2015 by Sqn Ldr Wilson

Challenge accepted. Challenge completed.

The Duke of Edinburgh Award is an award scheme recognised by the nation. It is split into three levels – Bronze, Silver and Gold, and each stage increases in difficulty from the last one. Each award consists of 4 elements – Volunteering, Physical, Skill and Expedition. When it comes to Gold you must also do a Residential element. The award is a great way to explore and have a lots of fun.

Last weekend, the Peak District saw 2 groups of cadets from 2195 (Long Eaton) Squadron Air Training Corp determined to complete their Silver Duke of Edinburgh one doing their practice and the other their final expedition.

Saturday morning, early start. Cadets began at 8:30 in the morning, starting their first 18 km leg taking them up picturesque views and valleys. Cadets then set up for the first night in blistering stormy condition, making it entertaining for them to put their tents without been blown away. First night done, two to go.

Sunday morning saw a gloomy start with another 18 km to walk for both groups. The second leg was more mountainous landscape seeing at the end of the leg, cadets walking with little energy left but with proudness with in them. Two days done, one to go.

Monday and the final push, the weather was slightly better and even quite warm when they were out of the wind. They walked 19.5 km but were very happy when they saw the final checkpoint and the sight of the staff. Cadet Corporal Ephraim said “The expedition was quite a challenge, but we had a lot of laughs and a lot of fun, I now look forward to the final expedition later in the year.”

Written by Cadet Corporal J Bland
2195 Media Team