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2195’s Sporty Sunday

Article posted: Feb 24, 2015 by Sqn Ldr Wilson

Here it is again the time of the year for the sporty Cadets to go to sport trials, on Sunday the 22nd of February two Cadets went to the Junior Rugby and Junior Netball trials.

Cadet Mackenzie Fearon attended the netball trials, there were 22 people that attend the netball trials, they focused on playing a variety of different matches to find who would play in what position after focusing on this they took part in drills in groups of three consisting in practicing different passes before the final decision of who was in the team or reserve. Cadet Fearon managed to obtain a place as a reserve, in the wing team, and hopes next time she can make it into the team.

Cadet Corporal Craig Harrison attended the rugby trials. There were 23 people at the rugby trials, the main focus was tackling, passing, kicking and catching to see who would be in the team and where they would go and Cadet Corporal Craig Harrison managed to secure a place in the South and East Midlands Wing rugby team. Corporal Craig Harrison said “I had a good time and enjoyed the trials, when it was not raining”.