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2229 Air Cadets survive a great weekend on exercise

Article posted: Apr 26, 2013 by Sqn Ldr Mayoh-Smith

Last weekend saw our first weekend away at John’s Lee Wood Scout Camp for 19 cadets from the squadron. The camp was designed to be the consolidation phase of the training the cadets have been doing over the winter season. Over the winter the cadets have been learning basic camp craft, camouflage and concealment, movement in the field, obstacle crossing, leadership, field cooking, judging distance, object indication, hand signals and first aid.
The 2 day camp was split between training and then further practice. Saturday was a very busy day for everyone. After the staff had set up on the Friday night and had a chilly nights sleep under canvas the cadets arrived to start their training. The day started early with a round robin of lessons given by staff from not only our squadron but 1181 Syston squadron as well. The cadets split into 3 groups of 6 and were instructed on various topics they had previously covered in the classroom but this time out in the open where they could get some hands on practice. After the cadets had tucked into their 24 hour ration packs for dinner they went out on an exercise to test their skills. The cadets had to find 3 people in various locations around the area, and without being seen or heard, obtain vital information for the following days activities. Now this may seem trivial, however this was a great test. It gave the older cadets to test their leadership skills, they had to use a map to navigate to the various locations, they then had to plan their route in and out, they had to be mindful of their groups welfare and essentially they had to complete the task. The exercise was also an opportunity for the younger members to test the skills they had learnt throughout the day but for some it gave them the opportunity to emerge as leaders. After a successful evening of running about the cadets settled down to bed under the shelters, known as bashas, they had erected in an earlier lesson.
The second day the staff reviewed the performance of each group from the previous night and gave further instruction where needed to help further develop the cadets training. The staff also put on a very realistic and enjoyable first aid scenario with various casualties ranging from an unconscious patient to a very loud individual with glass stuck in his hand. The purpose of this was to give further training to the first aid skills they had practiced the day before.
Special thanks go to staff from 1181 Squadron for their help in running the weekend. And special commendation goes to Cadet Purvis, one of our newest cadets, for being awarded Best Cadet of the camp for not only excelling in the lessons but also showing some natural leadership skills.

Pictured are all the cadets and staff from 2229 Squadron and 1181 Squadron at John’s Lee Wood Scout Camp