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2229 Cadets hone their field craft skills

Article posted: Aug 29, 2013 by Sqn Ldr Mayoh-Smith

Cadets and staff from 2229 enjoyed a fantastic day out in the local area honing their skills in camouflage and concealment, methods of movement in the field, cooking and field hygiene, and judging distances. The cadets have been taught in the classroom and the car park at the squadron over the past few months all the theory and have had a little bit of practice however it is always best to practice these things out in the field. This has been the second major opportunity for the cadets to put into practice their skills.

The first was a 2-day event way back in March in much colder weather where the cadets took over Johns Lee Woods doing a round robin of training events in conjunction with staff from 1181 (Syston) Squadron. Saturdays’ training was a one-day event put on by squadron staff in much warmer weather compared to last time! After spending the morning learning some new skills, the afternoon was devoted to putting it all together in a number of scenarios testing the leadership skills of the older cadets and the basic field craft skills of the younger ones. Everyone had a great time and learnt a great deal. The cadets are all looking forward to the next and final instalment later on in the year. Civilian Instructor Denise Kirk said ‘As a member of staff that has not had any previous military style training, I really enjoyed the day running around and can see how this training can benefit the cadets in their civilian life as well as further their cadet careers.’ The cadets parade at the Loughborough TA Centre from 7pm on Monday and Thursday nights. Feel free to browse our website at Our next intake has been announced as Monday 9th September, for all those interested come along on the night and for more details see the website.