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2418 attends the Advanced NCO course 2017

Article posted: Mar 11, 2017 by Sqn Ldr Wilson

Three Flight Sergeants (FS) attended the Advanced NCO Course in which they prepared to apply for the next rank of Cadet Warrant Officer. FS Sanders, FS Holmes and FS Thurgood left for the course on 3rd March to attend RAF Wittering where the course was held.
The course only contained 8 cadets which meant that mentoring sessions with the staff were even more effective. As well as this, the cadets had an in depth discussions on leadership and management, preparing them for the Cadet Warrant Officer position that they hope to achieve in the future. Within the course, the 3 Flight Sergeants from 2418 had chance to meet new staff to see who they would be working with.

They also completed their Staff Cadet Course which taught them how to deal with any eventualities that might occur.

The Flight Sergeants then left RAF Wittering on the 5th March with a better understanding of how the squadron is run and with a detailed development plan of how to improve in life at cadets, as well as in their everyday life outside. ‘The course really has improved my confidence and I have learnt a lot’ – FS Thurgood.

Written by FS Thurgood
2418 (Sherwood) SQN