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2418 Cadet honour guard at Royal Jubilee visit

Article posted: Jun 21, 2012 by Sqn Ldr Wilson

During the Queen’s visit to Nottingham and Derby for the diamond jubilee celebrations, Sherwood cadet Flight Sergeant Daniel Grant attended the visit as one of 4 members of the Air Training Corps who helped in the ceremonial events. He was placed on the front steps of the council house as part of the honour guard, which consisted of members of every major youth group such as the Scouts, St Johns ambulance and the Boys Brigade, as well as the major cadet organisations the Sea Cadet Corps and the Army Cadet Force.

He was presented in front of the national press as the queen entered and left the council house to the sound of the Army’s present band. There was also a playing of the national anthem and three cheers for her Majesty.

Thousands of people lined the market square from the early hours of the morning to celebrate the rare royal visit, visible even among rooftops and high offices, waving union flags and cheering. The Queen met with the lord lieutenants of Nottingham and Derby and appeared in front of the crowds on the balcony.

Of the other members of the ATC who attended, 2 were placed inside the house, and one helped collect flowers presented to the queen by members of the public on her way inside. It was an excellent opportunity to mix with members of other organisations and see the best each had to offer, something not usually achieved elsewhere. Overall, it was tremendously enjoyable and a fantastic occasion.