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2418 climb the Pennines for Gold Duke of Edinburgh

Article posted: Jul 12, 2014 by Sqn Ldr Wilson

Recently Corporal Connor Kearsley climbed the mountains in the Pennines on his Gold duke of Edinburgh practice expedition. The first day consisted of meeting the groups that are travelling to Bavaria for the final expedition. “The group that I was in were really driven to get the job done and have a great time on the way”.

The first day consisted of leaving the Takoda campsite in Kirby Stephen and ending up at a different campsite in the middle of nowhere, due to this being the first day the morale was extremely high and there were minimal issues concerning pain.

The second day consisted of walking up high mountains and taking many pictures of the scenic route. The second day proved to be the hardest of the three, it was the longest route with a long walk up a mountain on a windy track. “The track seemed to go on for ever” Corporal Kearsley.

The third day saw morale peak again as we knew that we were going home once we completed the day. This day was the most scenic route we had all weekend and the views were great. On the third day one of our stop points was called the 9 standards and this offered a 360 degree view of the Pennines which were splendid. ‘All in all the weekend was great and I can not wait for the long awaited Bavaria trip where I will complete my Gold Duke of Edinburgh qualifying expedition’ Corporal Kearsley.

Corporal Kearsley