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2418 Explore the Boundaries of International Test Cricket

Article posted: Jul 12, 2014 by Sqn Ldr Wilson

Recently, cadets from 2418 Sherwood Squadron attended 4 days of the International Test Cricket match between England and India, held at Trent Bridge with various other squadrons. Each morning was an early start with all cadets meeting up at the main gate just before 8 O’clock. After receiving their information lanyards, which included a map of the ground and common Hindi phrases, the cadets were taken to various bus stations and stops to help the public get to the venue safely. When at the ground, there were many things for the cadets to do, some were on security patrol in both the volunteer and media rooms, others were situated around the ground and were asked to hand out discount leaflets, help people find their seats and help with their bags and drinks.

When not doing either of these things, the cadets were able to sit in our allocated seats and watch the game. They rotated these three roles throughout the day so that everybody was able to watch some cricket. The staff at Trent Bridge also provided a daily lunch which the cadets were really thankful for.

Overall, the atmosphere was great, the other volunteers and staff were really friendly and all the cadets thoroughly enjoyed the experience of meeting new people and for some, learning the rules to a new sport. 2418 Sherwood Squadron hope to be back next year in the long anticipated Ashes test match between England and Australia!

Cpl Samuel Holmes