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2418 get adventurous at Windermere

Article posted: Nov 04, 2013 by Sqn Ldr Wilson

On Saturday the 19th October Cdt Cpl Harrison, Cdt Cpl Perry, Cdt Munn and Cdt Russell headed up to Windermere from Donington park services. Upon arrival there were team building exercises and other such games to help everyone get to know each other. It was a small camp of 23 cadets so everyone got to know each other pretty quickly.

The camp was split into three groups and went on a low level adventure walk. This was when everyone really got to know each other in their groups. There was heavy rain, but it was enjoyed by all. All cadets did a small amount of navigation along the 6 kilometre walk to help assess personal navigation skills. Rydall mount and Rydall water were also visited along the way.

Over the next two days the cadets rotated in their flights through 4 different activities including climbing and walking, kayaking and mountain biking. These were taster sessions to allow cadets to pick what activity they would like to do later in the week.

We also had a spare day so we went to an old slate mine called Honister slate mine. The tour was about how English slate is better than any other slate in the world due to many particular reasons such as the way it was formed. After the slate mine tour, there was another great attraction, Via Ferrata, Latin for “iron way”. This was a technique used in world war one and two as a way to cross mountainous terrain via a series of metal “rungs” in the rock face. All the cadets found in very intriguing and we were the first group at Windermere to ever attempt and complete this.

For the final two days everyone got to choose from several different activities they had done in the taster sessions as well as sailing. Everyone liked being able to choose an activity after sampling it earlier in the week.

Sailing was another first as it had never been done by group of cadets at Windermere before. The climbing was done outside on a real rock face with a 40 metre abseil to finish off. The mountain biking was done on hilly and challenging terrain.

The final day we all went to ghyll for scrambling. The ghyll scramble involved walking up a fast flowing stream, up rock faces with water thundering down them and 3 metre jumps in to rock pools, though our instructors assured it was safe!

All in all a very loved and enjoyed camp!
Written by Cdt Russell
Pictures by Cpl Harrison