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2418 Go Go Easter

Article posted: Apr 15, 2015 by Sqn Ldr Wilson

It was a fun action packed long weekend for the cadets at 2418 as they attended their annual Easter camp at Sherbrooke Scout Camp at Calverton. Kicking the camp off with the high waves at Water Meadows the cadet’s were off to a good start as they thoroughly enjoyed themselves. The next day the cadets took part in a variety of activities such as leadership, first aid, egg decoration and pioneering where the cadets gave 150% of their efforts to complete their activities and gaining points for their flights as the whole weekend was competition based (friendly of course).

Sunday brought another array of activities, yet this time preparing them for the night exercise they faced later that evening. They took part in camouflage and concealment, movement and signals, radio and a familiarization exercise of the local woods where the night exercise was to take place. There followed a concealment exercise then the night exercise which was enjoyed by all.

Sadly, the final day came about yet spirits remained high as all were ready for the ‘It’s a knockout’ competition! Both flights went head to head to gain final points towards the competition and where a time bonus for the egg maze with more points could be won. Overall after the points had been counted, B-Flight had won the weekends competition, however all had had an amazing time and CDT Yaseen said “It was my first Easter camp and certainly not my last. I had an amazing time”
FS Saffron Green