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2418 have an Eggstremely good time at Easter camp!

Article posted: May 11, 2014 by Sqn Ldr Wilson

On Friday the 18th of April 2418 Sherwood Sqn went to Sherbrook scout camp in Calverton for their annual Easter camp. The weather throughout the weekend was good, with only a bit of rain on the Sunday which didn’t stop any activities.

As cadets arrived at the camp site they were all getting ready to go swimming at water meadows in Mansfield. The weather was great we couldn’t ask for it any better the sun was out and there was a nice blue sky which brought smiles all round to all cadets. After swimming we went had a look around Mansfield answering a challenging quiz. Although some of the questions were challenging it didn’t stop cadets from enjoying the visit. When we went back to the scout camp we had a lovely meal prepared by the all of the staff. All the cadets were pretty tired that night and all fell asleep straight away.

On Saturday cadets woke up at a 6 o’clock to go abseiling and mountain biking in Derbyshire. Despite the painful wake up time for many, all the cadets felt it was well worth it for the activities which they all thoroughly enjoyed. Even Sgt Saffron Green got a wet bum when abseiling over the bridge into the water felt the same way! Some cadets faced their fears as abseiling was not there cup of tea, yet bravery was shown throughout the whole day. Mountain biking was roughly around 6 miles and was great fun. The tunnels were the best bit as the wind went straight through your hair plus it was pretty dark and gloomy in the tunnels. Another great part was the café with ice cream and I think all cadets enjoyed the whole day. We arrived back at camp for yet another lovely meal of burger and chips or chilli and jacket potato. In the evening there was a leadership activity which was led by RAF Corporal Sarah Haywood which prepared us for the leadership activities on Sunday.

On Sunday cadets got a bit of a lie-in and a cooked breakfast! After breakfast all cadets went to their different flights for first aid, castaway and leadership exercises. Points where given all the way through the day that counted towards the big final “it’s a knock out” on the Monday. It rained a bit in the morning but luckily kept dry for the afternoon. In the evening we had some free time before we all went out into the darkness to do an orienteering task. With it being dark it was a challenge for some cadets but was good fun.
Monday was the last day of Easter camp and everyone was disappointed it was coming to an end. However we still had it’s a knock out, with all flights being very competitive! The activities were organised by Corporal Haywood and Pilot officer Kahla which included many sports activities plus some bush tucker trials. Cpl Joshua Furby loved the food (even if his face didn’t show it) but had a stomach of steel along with other cadets. It came to the egg hunt in a small round area where all flights went crazy looking for eggs. B flight ended up winning the hard fought contest in the end. Overall Easter camp was great fun for everyone and we didn’t want to leave. All the cadets would like to thank all the staff that made it a fantastic camp!

2418 Sqn Media Team