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2418 Head for the hills - Silver D of E Practice Walk in the Peak District

Article posted: May 14, 2012 by Sqn Ldr Wilson

On the 27th of April 2012, a group of seven cadets including myself set off on a 2-day expedition in the peak district around the Matlock Bath area. On the first day we arrived at the Matlock Bath mining museum to get into our groups and be given our brief for the day. After being given the brief and the maps and route cards for the day, we set off with high spirits for the day, although this was to be short lived. Within the first five minutes we had gotten lost but were soon back on track and well on our way to the first check point.

We took it in turns to map read so that everyone gained the opportunity to get even better at that particular skill within the expedition. When we eventually arrived at the first checkpoint after some confusion, we spent some time working out what went wrong. After some thought we finally saw and noticed where we went wrong and got back on track and kept to the times on our route card for the check points which were a crucial element to succeeding in our expedition.

At the end of day one we hadn’t made the best of progress but had arrived at the camp site and set up camp ready for a good nights sleep a new day.

We woke in the morning and packed away our kit getting ready for the morning brief, ready for the second day of walking. We gathered the team and sorted out so that everyone knew the route for the day and started with myself as the first person along with cadet Furby, doing the map reading for the first leg. We successfully completed the day with hardly any mistakes and made it to the finishing line with five minutes to spare on timing.

All in all it was a very successful weekend, helping to prepare us for our live expedition where we must camp out for another night and also walk for an additional day. The weekend in my eyes was very successful and helped me improve my navigational and camping skills dramatically.

Cdt Jake Foster