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2418 lead the way at Frimley Park

Article posted: Jul 18, 2014 by Sqn Ldr Wilson

Recently Sergeant Connor Kearsley attended the annual Cadet Leadership Course, Frimley park at Langley lines, Longmoor. Upon arrival the cadets were split up into three platoons and then further split down into 3 sections per platoon, 9 per section. The cadets were then briefed by the course commander on the code of conduct of the course and what it entailed. “The platoon and section I got put in were a great bunch of people and I could tell from the start that I would have a good time” Sergeant Kearsley.

The first few days involved learning about section attacks and ambushes with cadets being taught how to conduct a good section attack using correct procedures such as hand signals. Both days consisted of sport in the afternoon. The cadets played volleyball on the first night and then tug-of-war on the second night.

The following 3 days and 2 nights were devoted to practicing our ambushes and our section attacks and command task, this was where a specific team member took control of the group and lead the group through an exercise. Both nights the cadets were to sleep under bashers that they had to build themselves. During the night the cadets were assigned stag duty times which ranged from eleven o’clock at night to 3 o’clock in the morning. “The stag duties were so hard when your body is physically drained and you are so tired” Sergeant Kearsley. On Friday the cadets had a half day as they finished at three o’clock, this meant there was time for a barbecue and a uniform prep for the final parade the following day. On the final day, the Saturday, the atmosphere on the camp was great, even though it was a half six wake up, because the cadets all knew that they were going home.

On this day the platoon commander gave out the reports to the cadets and had an interview explaining his reasoning. “Overall on my report I got an above average and in my interview I got told that I exceeded the expectations of an Air Cadet. I would recommend that course to anybody who is interested in a career in the forces or just interested in leadership.”

Sergeant Kearsley
2418 (Sherwood) Squadron