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2418 Nijmegen Practice

Article posted: Feb 19, 2013 by Wing Media & Comm Officer

On Saturday the 2nd of February Cpl Kearsley, Cdt Radford and Flt Lt Wheeler took part in the first training session for Nijmegen 2013.

It was a 20 mile training march designed to prepare for the end goal of completing the 100 mile march.

We started bright and early leaving Nottingham at 7:30 to arrive at Rutland water where we would be greeted by the rest of the road marching team and 2248 Suadron. After our short briefing on the event followed by a health and safety talk we set off in our flights to begin the walk.

Stopping for a short break every 5 miles made the walk manageable and easily completed by anyone with the determination to become part of the 2013 Nijmegen Road Marching Team.

By CDT Radford and CPL Kearsley