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2418 on Camp at High Wycombe!

Article posted: May 16, 2016 by Flt Lt Rayson-Flynn

Recently cadets from all over the Wing attended a week-long camp at RAF High Wycombe including myself.

Day 1
Fire station: It’s 6:30 am and we’ve been woken up by one of the sergeants. The cadets are up sorting their rooms and getting ready for breakfast. Breakfast eaten; it was back to the accommodation and had their first room inspection of the week, they then partook in an actual training exercise that the Firemen had to complete as well as having the honours of riding around in the fire truck. After we are back off back to camp to get ready for that nights bowling! Once they got back to base it was a quick sort out of uniform and off to bed.

Day 2: We had a station brief, camp photo and tour of the officers mess, giving them an insight to the life of an officer. There was also a visit to RAF Hendon, followed by the field promotion Corporal McHale, promoted to Sergeant which she was very happy about.

Day 3: The cadets alternated between drill practice and flying, as well as a nutrition talk in the Gym – did you know that you are meant to drink 5 litres of water a day? After the nutrition talk the cadets did a bleep test and a one minute push up test.

Day 4: It was off to RAF Halton for a visit to Halton House and the Trenchard Museum. This was very educational with lots to look at like the room with a ceiling made of gold! This was followed by the high ropes course, which for those afraid of heights challenged them to trust their team mates. However, everyone conquered their fear and got to the top of a pole and stood on a small platform with 2 other people.

Day 5: The cadets spent the day with the RAF Regiment, taking part in team building exercises, lessons on how to use cam cream, first aid and even a water fight.

Day 6: It’s time for drill competition in front of the children at the local school playground and wow! What an atmosphere! The children where copying the cadets and marching around with them. B Flight were the winners. After we were off to the Battle of Britain Bunker at RAF Uxbridge, what a sight, the cadets got a tour around the bunker and they learned the history behind it and then obviously bought goodies from the gift shop. For the last evening paper plate awards and other type of awards were given. Cadet Olsson was awarded the Bugs Bunny Hop-Along paper plate award as she managed to injure her knee on the Thursday. The overall winners were… B flight

Day 7: Many of the cadets did not want to go home as it was a really good camp. Cadet Olsson said: “That was the best camp I have ever been on so far in my cadet career, it taught me what life could be like in the RAF. I had a truly wonderful time and have made many more friends on this camp.”

Overall it was a great camp because of the staff and the cadets.

Written by Cadet W. Stocks