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2418 Poppy Selling at the Nottingham Forest Ground!

Article posted: Nov 18, 2016 by Sqn Ldr Wilson

Recently, 2418 Sherwood Squadron attended a poppy selling event at the Nottingham Forest football ground. CDT Makunganya said “the event was very enjoyable. It was a good experience as many people seemed to appreciate our effort to be out in the cold and sell poppies, this is why I think we had a good amount of donations”.

After poppy selling, the Royal British Legion gave the squadron tickets to go and watch an EPL Cup football match, Forest vs QPR. CPL Hudson was lucky enough to be asked to go on the pitch. He had to march on the pitch with the players. CPL Hudson said “the experience was unbelievable and I hope that I get an opportunity like this again. A moment in my cadet career I will never forget”.