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2418 race to the finish line at Regional Cross Country

Article posted: Mar 26, 2014 by Wing Media & Comm Officer

2418 race to the finish line at Regional Cross Country

Recently, Sgt Jamie Knighton 19, Cadet Darron Scott 16 and Cadet Emily Ellis 13, Represented the Wing at Inter Wing Cross Country at RAF Cranwell.

Throughout the intense race Sgt Jamie Knighton thought it was tough, high-speed race running on dirt paths and grass, he managed to maintain a positive attitude working hard with his team members.
Sgt Jamie Knighton came a staggering 7th place out of twenty-four runners, feeling overwhelmed and proud. Overall Junior Men came 2nd out of six teams in the Region, Sgt Jamie Knighton walked away with a silver medal feeling honoured to be representing South and East Midlands Wing for the last time.

Cdt Emily Ellis and Cdt Darron Scott on the other hand were running for the first time representing the Wing. They gave it their all.
Overall South and East Midlands finished 3rd

Final parade was held outside for the first time since senior members can remember due to it being the warmest day in March.

By Sgt Jamie Knighton