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2418 Raise the Flag

Article posted: Jul 03, 2014 by Sqn Ldr Wilson

On Monday 23rd June, Cdt Sgt Saffron Green and Cdt Cpl Megan Perry had the honour of taking part in the flag raising for Armed Forces Day at County Hall (West Bridgford).

They formed part of a cadet honouree parade circle surrounding the flag as it was raised in honour of all the service men and woman past and present. The parade included both Air Cadets and Army cadets from attachments in Nottingham. Both Sgt Green and Cpl Perry were able to meet the Chairmen of Nottingham and Majors from the entire city. For both, this was a something they were happy to do as it gave them more of an insight into what happens in and around Nottingham and who helps things happen.

Sgt Green had a photo with one of the mayor’s and her view on mourning was selected to be in the Nottingham Evening Post. Sgt Green said: “I think it’s important to support all our men and woman in the services that are out fighting as well as those who have previously served in the armed forces. I think it’s important to remember that without them our lives would be very different. I am very proud to say that one day I wish to be a member of the Royal Air Force where I hope I can do everything I can to make sure people live happy lives.”
This parade gave Sgt Green and Cpl Perry a further insight into armed Forces Day and the activity in and around Nottingham.

They both highly enjoyed the day and look forward to taking part in many other Armed Forces Day activities.

Cdt Sgt Green
2418 (Sherwood) Sqn