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Article posted: Mar 21, 2008 by Sqn Ldr Wilson

Air Cadets from 2418 Sherwood Squadron where out in force on Saturday 8th March, helping Nottingham break the world record for the most Robin Hoods in one place at one time. The record was broken with the help of these cadets, a record of 1119 people turned up to the event.

The cadets spent time making the costumes on a parade night at the squadron; they put a lot of effort into them to ensure they followed the correct dress regulations. All cadets made their costumes by hand, there was definitely uniformity involved with these cadets, a great team effort! 2418 Sherwood squadron had over 35 cadets and staff turned up all in the same costumes to help break the record, they received a trophy for having a group entry and also won the prize for being the largest group.

This event is very special to 2418 Sherwood cadets as their squadron emblem has Robin Hood in it. They are the only squadron to have Robin Hood as there emblem, it is a great honour. As a large organisation it is good that we can recognise that Robin Hood is part of Nottingham and should always be remembered. It was a great day for the cadets, and being part of the record was an amazing experience.

ASgt Sarah Middleton