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Article posted: May 14, 2012 by Sqn Ldr Wilson

On the 28th April 2012 10 cadets from 2418 went to the re-opening of a park named after one of our former cadets, Andrew Maycock, we were invited by Andrews mum, Sue Maycock, and without hesitation the squadron agreed.

Andrew Maycock was a former cadet at 2418 and enjoyed his time with the squadron but was tragically killed after being hit by a car while walking back to his home in Bestwood in February 2000.
At the start of the day the cadets met at Bestwood Lodge hotel car park where they were met and escorted to the park named after Andrew (Andy’s playground)

As we got to the park we saw a group a people gathered around waiting for this new park to open; we formed up and waited silently while having photos taken from several people including Andrews mum. We were then fell out and taken into the park to listen to a speech from Carol Pepper about Andrew and the new park, she then officially declared the park open and we watched the young children flood into the park to have fun.

As the children had fun there the photographers from news groups took a few photos with the whole group and then just two cadets with sue and other family members. After that we made our way back to Bestwood Lodge hotel with Andrew and his family in our hearts.
Overall the day was very emotional for all who were involved; we felt a sense of pride as we knew Andrew would be proud of us and we knew that he’ll never be forgotten by our whole squadron.

Cdt. Brandon Lowe