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2418 Silver DofE Expedition

Article posted: May 17, 2012 by Sqn Ldr Wilson

On Friday the 27th of April five members of 2418 (Sherwood) Squadron and a member of 1936 (Newton) Squadron set out to complete their Duke of Edinburgh Silver live expedition in the Matlock Bath area of the peak district. Firstly we had a briefing with the assessing staff that checked we were prepared for the days ahead and to make sure we knew our route. We set of fully clothed in waterproofs due to the weather! As we made our way to the first checkpoint we all made sure we knew where we were using the map, we also made sure we stuck to the timing on our route card as this is an essential part of passing the expedition.

As the day moved on we were all in high spirits despite the bad weather and were soon at our campsite, where we put up our tents for the night and made our dinner this was followed by a debriefing of the day and we were all soon in bed.

Day two and we were all out of bed making our breakfasts which was highly nutritious to give us the energy for the day ahead. The weather today wasn’t as bad as we were expecting. During the walk we were following the route and we came across a very muddy hill which a few members of the team slipped on, causing much laughter in the team! We arrived at the campsite tired from the days walking and put up our tents.

Day three and the weather was just awful the rain was very heavy but we left the campsite ready for the day. Part of the route took over some very precarious cliff edges and being exposed to high winds and heavy rain it was quite arduous.
At the end of the day the team were treated to hot chocolates in a café by the OC which we really enjoyed! We all learnt something from the expedition that will be invaluable for when we move on to Gold Duke of Edinburgh award.