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2418 Sqn at Swynnerton 2012

Article posted: Jul 23, 2012 by Sqn Ldr Wilson

Swynnerton training camp can be summed up in only one word – Great!!

The action packed camp is definitely a tiring one but its all worth it, not only are you surrounded by the amazing staff but also by your best friends. The camp focuses on team work and communication skills- its these that are tested to the max in the inventive yet professional activities the staff organize. From being involved in simulations such as being hunted down in a night EX to being interrogated by the RAF Regiment and ATC staff. Even though you’re under each others feet all week everyone’s friendship bonds just get stronger and stronger as your progress through the week.
Personally I enjoyed the Fieldcraft and leadership exercises the most as being able to take control of your own 5 man flight directing and instructing them through the tough situations and obstacles the staff throw at you is a great experience ,developing your leadership skills to a much higher level.

Saying that I enjoyed each and every minute of Swynnerton.

Swynnerton camp is definitely the best way to spend any half term. This year 2418 (Sherwood) squadron sent it’s largest ever contingent, 22 cadets & 5 staff

CDT Radford