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2418 Sqn at the Cranwell Parade

Article posted: Aug 15, 2013 by Sqn Ldr Wilson

Over the years of being an Air Cadet, I have had the privilege of experiencing amazing once in a life time opportunities, such as; Armed Forces day Parade. Over time I have realised I will only have more and more unique opportunities to add to my list and do things others could only dream about. Myself and 8 other cadets from my squadron (along with many more from squadrons in our wing), had the honour of being included in a surprise event for ACM Sir Stephen Dalton at R.A.F Cranwell. We all had the opportunity to stand extremely tall and proud as we created a Guard of Honour for the VIP’s arriving for the surprise dinner and event saluting each car that drove by.

When we finished the Guard of Honour we got the exciting chance to stand and watch the Red Arrows fly straight above our heads. I know for myself personally this was most definitely an amazing opportunity. I have never had a chance to witness The Red Arrows fly at such a low point and to watch the multi-coloured smoke fade into the air after time. It was a very emotional once in a life time opportunity that I have had the privilege of experiencing.

I am so lucky to have been given this opportunity. I would never and could never take cadets for granted.

To add to my memorable experiences I was promoted to Sgt on Thursday 8th August, another achievement I am so very proud of
Sgt Saffron Green.