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2418 Sqn at the RAF WARMA MARCH

Article posted: Jul 04, 2013 by Sqn Ldr Wilson

RAF Cosford is one of two qualifiers for the Nijmegen 100 mile march, to complete the weekend you must march a total of 50 miles split between two days.

Starting on Friday evening where we we’re picked up from the Donnington Park service station on the M1 just off junction 23a we headed down in our coach to RAF Cosford where we we’re shown to our tent and given the all clear to set up camp and prep our gear for the mornings march.

Once we’d finished prepping we we’re able to go down to the social club to enjoy the scheduled entertainment. We then started the day at 4:30am with a full English breakfast and a quick brief by our team leader FLT LT Mayoh-Smith on what would be happening during the day. In my opinion 25 mile march split up into “about 5k” legs went fairly quickly and enjoyable with regular rest stops offering refreshments and a nice place to rest.

Once we’d finished the march we completed all of our personal admin before setting out our equipment for the following days march and once again headed down to the social club where they had a disco on celebrating the last night.

The final day started at 4:00am where we headed straight down to the canteen before starting the final 25 mile march, which was once again an enjoyable day with beautiful weather and split up into “about 5k” legs with rest stops offering warm food and cold refreshments. On completion of the day we we’re pleasantly surprised to find out that our flight had came fourth out of the entire camp for completion of the second days march. We received our medals representing completion of the 50 mile Nijmegen qualifier march.

Overall if you’re thinking on doing Nijmegen I would highly recommend it if you’re looking for a great time and to meet a fantastic bunch of people.

CPL Radford