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2418 Sqn Easter Camp 2012

Article posted: May 14, 2012 by Sqn Ldr Wilson

Easter camp one of the best things that happens to our squadron every year. It is a really good way for our newly passed cadets to fit into the squadron and get to know the staff and older cadets and helps break the ice. As like every year Easter camp it was based at Calverton Scout Camp or as I like to call it the second home of the Nottingham’s no. 1 ATC squadron 2418 Sherwood.

The camp lasted 4 days and 3 nights which sounds not long enough when compared to your annual ATC camps but for staff it’s a hectic affair alright. Not only do they have to plan the activities for the camp but they also have do something that keeps all of us Cadets from getting starved and become cannibals.

Easter camp is in my view quite a unique camp for cadets at our squadron not only because it is limited to our squadron but also the activities we do.

The 4 days however doesn’t seem long but it does take its toll as you’re really tired by the end of it to say the least.

So a really big thank you to all the staff involved in making Easter camp a really enjoyable experience for our newly passed out cadets and a really enjoyable camp for me for past 6 years. Huge thanks from my behalf along with all the cadets that attended to our squadron OC Flt Lt Donna Bates and WO Martin Bates for organising this camp for us all. I would also like to thank all the staff that played a major role in running all the activities for us.

Thank You
Cpl Mishra