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2418 Sqn - Gliding

Article posted: Oct 01, 2012 by Sqn Ldr Wilson

On arrival at SQN 644 at RAF Syerston we went into the Sqn’s crew room and registered before receiving our briefing for the days flying. Once we had our briefing we went into the engineering room where we were equipped with flight suits and tested our parachute’s procedure and were weighed to check we met the requirements in order to fly.

Now that we were ready to fly we were driven out to the airfield where we were greeted by three Viking gliders. First of all we had to check that the aircrafts were in a flyable state so that we can connect the winches and start gliding!

We were now waiting in the aircraft watching the wingman as he signalled the controller all clear – this meant it was about to start. I placed my hands tightly on my knees and before I knew it we were soaring through the skies and over 60 knots.

The four cadets and WO Bates from 2418 had three successful launches the weather was excellent giving great views of the surrounding countryside.

Cdt Radford
2418 (Sherwood) Sqn