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2418 Sqn in Gibraltar 2013

Article posted: Aug 15, 2013 by Sqn Ldr Wilson

We left on 30th July at 7 am for Gibraltar, on Monarch airways. When we arrived we set off for the base, on arrival we were allocated rooms, and we were split into two flights and met the ACLO. Then we did some drill, for the inter-flight competition, followed by free time.

The next day we were given safety and fire safety briefs by the fire department and med centre. Straight after we had camp photo, after that my flight went to town to do some shopping. On Thursday My flight stayed on base and saw the EOD and how they had advanced over the years, and then played sports. After lunch we went up the rock to see the Battery and St. Michaels cave.

Back on base we had a quiz and sand sculpture competition. The next day we saw attack dogs on the base, after that we went back up the rock to use the DCCT, this was my favourite part of the week because I do not have a marksmanship badge but yet I had the highest score out of the group, and after that we had an observation test. We then went through the tunnels in the rock with the ACLO, for some history, after that we went up in the cable cars to the peak of the rock where the monkey’s attacked a lot of people. We went back down to get to the cinema and I watch Monsters University. On Saturday we went into Spain to a water park for the day, many cadets were burnt after this day.

When we got back we had a drill competition on magic circles.
On Sunday we did the high ropes in Spain the flights had to choose two candidates for the iron man challenge on the toughest course, I was the unlucky chosen one, but from the staffs faces it looked like my flight won that. On Monday we went to the Naval Base, saw their response boats, after that we went to do some Bowling. We Left Gibraltar on Tuesday 6th August at 11.55 AM.

FS Ajay Sohal
2418 (Sherwood) Sqn