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2418 Sqn in Llanbedr 2013

Article posted: Aug 15, 2013 by Sqn Ldr Wilson

This was my first Llanbedr so naturally I was a little nervous but soon after I arrived I settled in. The first night was very relaxed and we spent time getting to know the accommodation, each other and the local beach.

The first day started with a full English breakfast (which was delicious). I then grabbed my kit (which I’d prepared the night before) and I was off. My activity for the day was the Freog Fun Day. We spent the day in a quarry overlooking Barmouth. It started with some abseiling down a sheer cliff within the quarry.

Next up was a walk to the other side and then some climbing up another section of rock. After lunch we took a tour of an adjacent slate mine, these seemed plentiful in North Wales. The last activity of the day was a zip line from the abseiling point into the water that lay in the bottom of the quarry, although it was a very scary experience it didn’t stop me from doing it another 3 times!
Day 2’s activity was climbing at an indoor centre, me and my team (who I’d got to know quite well already) performed tasks such as climbing, belaying and being the back up man if one of us fell. Over the day we all pushed ourselves to scale walls none of us knew we could. Day 3 was a small low level walk starting and ending in the small town Tal-y-bont. This made a welcome change of pace to the strenuous start and gave everyone in my flight a day to relax a little, it wasn’t a wasted day though, all of us completed or worked towards our bronze or silver NNAS (National Navigation Award Scheme). Day 4 consisted of paddling, after getting kitted up and unloading the canoes and kayaks we then split into two, one starting with kayaks the other with canoes, switching after lunch. Even though I had done both before on a previous AT camp I built on existing skills and learnt some new ones exploring the lagoons and teaching other people the skills I had learnt previously. Day 5 was spent in the local area, but this time the local beach, spending time playing beach volleyball and swimming in the sea, which was quite warm from the gorgeous weather we had.

On our last day we had the choice of either climbing Mount Snowdon, completing another low level walk or a trip to a slate mine followed by more time at the beach, I chose the latter to end a very enjoyable week with great weather, great food and amazing company.

Bring on Llanbedr 2014!

Cpl Jake Harrison
2418 (Sherwood) Sqn