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2418 Sqn - RAF Police work experience

Article posted: Sep 15, 2011 by Sqn Ldr Wilson

I arrived at RAF Henlow on Sunday the 7th August, ready for the RAF Police work experience, with 25 cadets from all over the UK, including cadets from Scotland and Ireland.

The week was used as an RAF Police familiarisation course as the police have many different branches to it and it was there to help cadets choose what they want to go into. During the week we had briefs from most branches, Including self defence, room entries and the different pieces of equipment they use to do so. We were also given a demonstration by the RAF police dogs, an attack dog and a sniffer dog. Forensics let us dust for fingerprints in a mock crime scene and figure out what had happened.

They also showed us defused IED’s brought back from Afghanistan. Briefs were given to us about phase 1 training, initial training and phase 2 police training, these where very helpful as we had a chance to ask questions to people who had gone through it. Close protection, Security and Flying complaints team also gave us briefs on the job they do within the RAF police.

Overall the week was enjoyed by everyone and everybody benefited from the week finding out more about their possible career.

Cpl Megan Grant