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2418 successful summer

Article posted: Sep 18, 2016 by Sqn Ldr Wilson

Overall 2418 have had an exceptionally outstanding summer, due to our incredibly high standards. Firstly the cadets of 2418 attended the Albert ball parade which gave them insight as to how Albert ball lived his life and how he died, this parade is to celebrate his life and cadets enjoyed participating in this special day. Secondly the south and east midlands wing participated in the athletics event where 2418 cadets excelled in their events and everyone who participated did their squadron proud. Next the wing attended the annual Swynnerton camp which was the highlight of many a cadets year.

After all the training throughout the year we finally arrived wing field day, which is the biggest event in the wing. Due to it being a competition of all the activities we take part and are trained in, due to an outstanding effort by all the cadets of 2418 who attended we came in 5th overall. On the 27th of august three cadets left to participate in the Llanbedr annual camp, which including activities such as skiing down a dry slope or mountain biking, was a thoroughly enjoyed week away. Running throughout the summer there has been many shooting events for the squadron.

Subsequently the squadron has ended up with a huge amount of marksmanship badges. Coming up in the rest of the summer 2418 will be attending the battle of Britain parade and also the Annual Cadet 16 competition. We look forward to the rest of the year and what 2418 has to offer!

Cadet Mann, Soar, Stocks
2418 (Sherwood) Squadron