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2418 To fly or not to fly

Article posted: Feb 16, 2014 by Wing Media & Comm Officer

2418 To fly or not to fly

On Saturday the 18th January, three cadets from 2418 (Sherwood) Squadron, in clean greens, went to RAF Syerston with Flight Lieutenant Dave Wheeler to sample the delights of Gliding.

The following is Cadet Sonia Tinkler’s view of the day:

“We had a short journey there as it took us just under half an hour to arrive. When we got there, cadet Ellis and I were very excited to go gliding as it was our first time up in a glider, and first flight for Cadet Emily Ellis. The weather wasn’t looking very good, and cadet Thurgood had been gliding before, but we didn’t stop that letting us getting excited. Flight Lieutenant Wheeler advised us ‘It’s better to be on the ground wishing you were up in a glider, than being up in the glider wishing you were on the ground.

We went to the briefing in the morning and looking at the weather they said that we there should be a window open for around 11 o’clock to go gliding. We practised emergency evacuation of the glider, how to deploy the parachute and land safely should this be needed. We didn’t get to go gliding in the end because of the weather as it wasn’t safe enough for cadets to go flying, but instead we got to do many different things that other cadets don’t get to do normally. The staff showed us round the hanger, and the winch not often seen by cadets.

Emily got to sit in a Viking, which she found very intriguing, finding out what all the controls are resposible for. We also saw how easy it was to disassemble the Viking to fit into a trailer allowing it to be transported by road.

After this we were taken to see some old Jaguar planes, plus the rest of the airfield. We all had a fantastic day, even though we didn’t get to fly. We would all like to go again soon and fingers crossed the weather will be better”.

Cadet Sonia Tinkler