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2418 Wing X Country 2017

Article posted: Feb 24, 2017 by Sqn Ldr Wilson

On Sunday 19th February, cadets from 2418, along with the rest of the wing attended the wing cross country competition. We arrived at Ratcliffe College at around 9:15, and waited for the brief. Once the brief had finished, it was time for a warm up. After the warm up, it was time for the first race! The junior boys were up first, running 3k with everyone wishing them luck before they went. Then shortly after came the junior girls turn also running 3k, then the boys youths, then the junior women and lastly the junior men who all ran 5k.

After all of the races had finished, it was time for final parade, where all of the awards were presented to squadrons.

Overall, the junior men from 2418 had placed first! The whole squadron were very pleased with their achievements! Especially because they got to go to McDonalds as a reward!

Cadet Picksley added ‘I competed at cross country this year and last year, and it’s a great atmosphere, and I would definitely do it again!’ Overall, all of 2418 thoroughly enjoyed the day, and are proud of their achievements.

Corporal K Sealey
2418 (Sherwood) Sqn