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2418’s fantastic four for Wing Rugby!

Article posted: Apr 14, 2015 by Sqn Ldr Wilson

Recently 4 Cadets from 2418 Sherwood Squadron attended and played at the inter-wing Rugby tournament held at RAF Cranwell. Cadets Hudson, Camatome, Woodward J and Corporal Holmes had all been selected a fortnight previously to play after trying out for the South and East Midlands Wing team. The Sherwood cadets were all picked up from a neighbouring squadron and were taken to the venue via Coach with the rest of the team. This gave them a great opportunity to gel as a team before they played together.

The day was physically demanding and extremely arduous yet everyone managed to pull through un-injured. The team played very well and had many people cheering them on, one being Wing Commander Nigel Dickinson OBE, the OC of South and East Midlands Wing, who said: “This team have gone out time and time again and played their hearts out, the Wing should be proud.” Despite not losing a game and only conceding 7 points in total, the Wing managed a very deserved 2nd place however they were slightly disappointed as they set out to win. Nevertheless the journey home was in very high spirits and the team had become very close! Personally, it was one of the best things I have ever done in my cadet career so far and I’d definitely do it again!

Cadet Corporal Samuel Holmes