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2425 Squadron March On

Article posted: Nov 12, 2008 by Sqn Ldr Pass

Cadets and Staff paid a visit to Newark Air museum while on their way to the Winter Warma March at Woodall Spa.

The cadets got the chance to go into the Vulcan at the museum, and got a brief insight of how the crew worked within the aircraft in its time. The visit was enjoyed by all as they got the chance to talk to RAF personal both current and retired who actually worked on the aircraft in the museum, and finding out that they were all air cadets.

This is the fifth year the squadron has taken part in the march and finds this a great introduction for the cadets to get into road marching. As twelve cadets and six staff took part in the short march, and nine of the cadets and two members of staff did the 18k march, of which some of the cadets and staff did the 132k March of Ijzer within Belgium in August.

2425 Squadron Marching Team

All cadets and staff finished the march in good time and received their medals and pins on completing it. A special silver medal was presented to the members who have done it for their fifth year running and were congratulated by the marching committee. This was a great achievement for all the squadron who participated as this is the last time it will be held in Woodall Spa.

By Sergeant Adam Street (ATC)
2425 (Nottingham Airport) Squadron