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2502 Cadet Development Weekend

Article posted: Aug 27, 2011 by Sqn Ldr Utting

8 Cadets and 3 staff from 2502 (Hamilton) Squadron have recently spent a weekend training at the Defence Animal Centre (DAC) in Melton Mowbray, on a Teaching techniques and Leadership development course.
The DAC, amidst its operational commitments in Afghanistan and Libya, however they still hosted cadets and staff from Hamilton squadron for a cadet development weekend. Cadets arrived the Friday night and entered straight into briefings and lessons about the DAC and what to expect on the course.
Cadets were given some bedtime reading before the next days lessons. With 5 out of the 8 cadets fresh from the wing run Initial NCO course the previous weekend, spirits were high along with a hunger to learn more.

DAC Amenities Centre

Saturday morning arrived with revally at 0700hrs. First lessons were all about being an NCO and understanding the principles of leadership and how to apply them. Covering the SMEAC and PICSE principles on how to deliver briefings and complete leadership tasks.
After lunch the focus changed to Teaching Techniques, Understanding the learning cycle and planning lessons. This would all be emphasised when the cadets had to give a 30 minute presentation in syndicates of 4 cadets, this would be their homework for the evening.
The cadets were given the choice of subject and how they would like to present. The cadets would present to their fellow syndicate and the staff team. Who would inturn give feedback on their performance as a team, individuals, content, and the training needs, not an easy task.
Sunday morning arrived after many hours of preparation for the morning presentations. The two topics chosen were, “How to give a Drill command and Techniques for new recruits”, with the other being a “History and future of the Airliner from the inception of the Jet engine”. Both teams delivering good teaching and lesson planning skills.
Build me a water Tower!

After Lunch and feeling revived after the mornings lessons, it was back to work, remembering all the lessons on leadership. Cadets working in their original syndicates had the afternoon to complete a number of leadership exercises and debriefings. The cadets had plenty of time to work on their leadership skills using the wing MTa Kit.
Flight Lieutenant Andy Faulkner said “The whole weekend was a success for both cadets and staff as even I picked up a few new things. The weekend was aimed at training new NCOs and priming potential NCOs for their roles on the squadron.”
Cadet Corporal Beth Sault said “The course was a great opportunity to utilise the skills I had learnt on the Initial NCO course and spend the time practicing them, I found it especially useful on the lesson planning side as I will soon be teaching Junior Cadets.”
Cadet Jake Elliott said “it was a lot to take in, and I’m surprised how much stayed in my head. The facilities were amazing!”