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2502 Celebrate in Style with Bi-annual Summer Ball.

Article posted: Jul 03, 2014 by Sqn Ldr Utting

Cadets, staff and friends of 2502 (Hamilton) Squadron took time out to celebrate 2014 achievements with their second Summer Ball.

With the sun still high in the sky the evening started with drinks on the veranda at Park Hill golf course at Seagrave. Flt Lt Andy Faulkner welcomed all guests, cadets and staff as the evening got underway, he took time to present certificates that cadets and staff had been awarded in 2014. Hamilton squadron has had a successful year on the CVQO scheme gaining the highest number of BTEC passed to date. One of the successful cadets was Sgt Kushal Raikundlia gaining his BTEC in Aviation Studies.

Sqn Ldr Utting was also invited to present cadets with Communication and Marksman certificates gained this year. One of them being Cpl Luke Middleton who gained both is squadron and wing marksman in 2014.

Other certificates presented to cadet on the night were entry level award for health and safety and first flight certificates. There has been a 2 year gap where cadet didn’t get to fly so they are a welcome return to the presentations. It wasn’t only cadets that received certificates on the evening with FS Geoff Elliott being presented with his certificate for the completion on the 10K Walk for Remembrance that cadets and staff took part in at the National Memorial Arboretum.

Guest enjoyed a buffet as the sun faded in the sky and then the dancing continued till carriages arrive at midnight. Sgt Sonalii Karia said “I had a wonderful night, it couldn’t have been better the dancing at the end was just incredible and definitely unforgettable. Don’t think I’ll forget my last squadron event thank you”