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2502 Control the virtual skies of RAF Brize Norton

Article posted: May 23, 2011 by Sqn Ldr Utting 8 Cadets from 2502 Squadron took part in the first ever Air Traffic Controllers course run by the squadron. Following on from their training in the Flight Simulator Introduction course, the aim of the course is to get them proficient at dealing with air traffic procedures. Having already used basic Air Traffic Control (ATC) procedures, they spent 2 hours in the flight simulator and then 2 hours in the Air Traffic Simulator. Covering all aspects to deal with ATC on the ground, tower and in the circuit. p=. In the circuit at virtual RAF Brize Norton

Starting at 0900 on Saturday 14 May, the 8 students spent the day learning and revising ATC procedures. This involved understanding the ground procedures and going through departure clearance, start up request to taxi to runway request.
Once mastered ground control, both what the pilots have to say and the controllers, they moved on to the role of the tower controller and then approach controller. Covering aspects such as, take-off requests, handing over to approach, reporting position in the circuits and even PAN and MAYDAY calls and procedures.
Caption: Cdt Sault and Cdt Raikundlia looking after the guys in the simulator

Using the latest Civilian Aviation Authority Radio Telephony manual (CAP 413), cadets had to spend time not only as the crew in the aircraft but as Ground, Tower and Approach Controller. Having spent all Saturday learning the theory, they are then allocated a 4 hour slot, 2 hours in the flight simulator and then 2 hours as a controller. They are pared in crews of 2 and one crew will be in the flight sim and the other crew will be air traffic for them. They will go from a cold start on the aircraft remembering everything from the previous course and now adding ATC into the mix, they will taxi, take off, perform a number of approaches then land and shut the aircraft down. Swapping crews then doing it all again!
If you want to see what the course was like please visit and watch the video.
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Cadet K Raikundlia said “This has only affirmed my ambition to fly and build my own simulator at home. My brother is also learning at the same time as me, so we can now do Air Traffic for each other at home.”
Flt Lt Andy Faulkner, OC 2502 said, “A lot of work has gone into putting this course together and I can see the cadets have appreciated it and have a good basic knowledge of ATC procedures not only as the tower but as the pilots.”