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2502 (Hamilton) Air Cadets Landed on the airwaves……

Article posted: Aug 15, 2014 by Sqn Ldr Utting

On Sunday morning staff of 2502 (Hamilton) Air Cadets found themselves on the airwaves when they became location clue on Clueless.

BBC Radio Leicester every Sunday morning have a treasure hunt programme called Clueless this Sunday clue 4 found them heading for Hamilton. The programme is hosted by Tony and Julie, Tony is in the studio and Julie out following the clues. The clue that lead Julie to the squadron building was


Fast Lewis? Five squared..nothing…What the Light became… …Atmosphere plus junior branches of the family Try to land!

Once helped by listeners they linked the clues together to get, Hamilton 2502 Air Cadets leading Julie to 2502’s flight Simulator. She then took the controls from 1,000 feet and landed the 737, not quite on the runway but not far off. After finding their final clue they were off to their final destination.