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2502 Hamilton Sqn Flying Training

Article posted: Jan 31, 2011 by Sqn Ldr Utting

On Saturday 29 January, 4 cadets from 2502 Hamilton Squadron have spent the day in the Squadrons Flight simulator. The aim of the day was to develop basic flying skills and knowledge.

Working as a 2 person crew, the cadets had a short presentation on Level Flight, Climbing and Descent procedures and techniques. Learning a new instrument, the turn coordinator, and how to use it in the turn.
The cadets then spent an hour in the simulator performing, climbs, turns, stalls, descents and level flight, honing their flying skills and applying new techniques just learnt.

OC 2502 said “Today has been a good day, getting 4 cadets through a Flying Techniques day. The cadets will now be able to apply the procedures and new techniques they have learnt next time they go flying or gliding.”
Cadet K Raikundlia “I have found the day interesting and will defiantly try out my new skills as I am going flying tomorrow with the squadron.”