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348 (Ilkeston) Squadron back to their sporting ways...

Article posted: May 17, 2010 by Sqn Ldr Wilson

On the day of the Wing Athletic Championships 30 cadets travelled to Saffron Lane, Leicester the biggest turn out from the squadron at a sporting event in a number of years. All classes and events were filled, the squadron was lead by team managers Corporals Lauren Ratcliffe and Stefan Montgomery and team captain Flight Sergeant Gary Whitehead.

Throughout the track and field events, the squadron competed hard and put 100% into events, 12 cadets got to finals gaining the squadron valuable points. In the Boy’s category – Cadet Appleby came 6th in the 200 metres; Cadet Purves 7th came in the Javelin. Youth’s Category – Corporal Ashley came 8th in the Javelin. Men’s category – Corporal Montgomery came 3rd in the High Jump and Flight Sergeant Whitehead came 1st in the Shot putt and 2nd Javelin, he is still determined this year to retain his title as ‘Best Wing Sportsman’ this year. The Girl’s category – Cadet Fox came 4th in the 800 metres and 3rd in the long jump, Cadet Hollingworth came 7th in the high jump, Cadet Henson came 1st in the 1500 metres, and the girl’s relay came 6th in their final. The women’s category – Cadet Pike came 3rd in the 100 metres and 8th in the long jump. Corporal Ratcliffe came 2nd in the discus and 6th in the 200 metres.

Through the hard work of all 30 cadets the squadron came 7th overall, even though we did not bring any silverware back to the squadron, all the cadets enjoyed the day and were very proud of their achievement. We now have 3 members of the squadron going on the represent the Wing on the 23rd May at the Region Athletic Championships.
Let’s hope this team work carries on in future events and congratulation from 348 staff.

Flight Sergeant J Fowler ATC
348 (Ilkeston) Squadron